The GRASP Project – Collaborating for Advancements in Sustainable Agriculture

The GRASP project is an innovative endeavour that seeks to develop alternative strategies to boost grassweed resilience. The project brings together a diverse group of experts to tackle the urgent issues confronting the farming sector and to contribute to the creation of resilient and sustainable agricultural systems.

The GRASP project is spearheaded by BOFIN (British On-Farm Innovation Network). The project’s primary objective is to establish a platform that empowers farmers to monitor, measure, and manage grassweeds on their farms effectively. The ultimate goal is to enable more than 80% of farmers to achieve over 80% of their grassweed control through non-chemical means. We are hopeful about the GRASP project’s potential to bring about significant advancements in agriculture.

As a partner, AgriSynth will leverage its Agri-Tech expertise in synthetic data to support the research and development initiatives and add its knowledge on precision weed targeting and precision application. We are eager to collaborate with other industry leaders and researchers, and we are dedicated to making a significant impact on the project.

The proposal for this four-year research project will soon be presented to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). The project is part of the Defra Farming Innovation Programme Large R&D Partnerships Round 3, a programme that supports research to foster innovation in farming.